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A humanist ceremony is non-religious and always designed around your story, celebrating your partnership, vow renewal, naming or adoption of the latest member of your wonderful family. The best thing about it is that it is written only for you. You can be as serious or wacky as you like because the constraints of the traditional just aren’t there. You can involve friends, family, children, pets and guests. Humanist ceremonies are inclusive, whether you are a humanist nor not, or whether you are straight, same-sex, non-binary, trans or otherwise. Your ceremony can be serious or funny and it can be as big, small, quirky or mainstream as you like. It’s entirely your call.

So if you decide to theme your ceremony around a favourite Disney film. Or you want your best friend to read a poem that’s a bit “out there”. Or you want your sister’s ukulele band to play whilst your brother’s dance troupe perform a line-dancing routine, then go for it. Why not? If that’s what you want, you really can have it. A humanist ceremony can also have all the elements of a traditional one too. For weddings you can include vows and a ring exchange or for namings or adoptions, you can have guide parents or “god-less-parents”. You can even include a symbolic act or two. Whatever your ceremony ideas, I am here to help you bring your celebration to life and make it truly yours.

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