Once you’ve made the decision that you’d like me to be your celebrant, we will work together to bring your ceremony to life so that it reflects your unique and personal story. And to do that, it starts with a conversation …

Scoping Your Ceremony

We’ll meet – either in person or on Zoom – to get to know each other. You’ll tell me about your ideas and we’ll talk about the practical arrangements. You’ll also tell me your story, whether its about your relationship or family and I will ask you lots of questions about how your lives have led you to this moment of celebration. By doing so, you will give me an accurate picture of your story, all within the boundaries of what you’re comfortable talking about.

Writing Your Ceremony Script

After meeting you, I’ll go through the details of your story and write your ceremony. During this time, you may want me to speak to friends and family who talk about their take on you, adding stories that provide more character or humour to your story. Then once completed, I’ll send you a draft so that you can review and edit it. We might do this a few times until you’re happy that you have the ceremony that you’ve dreamed of.

Rehearsing & Glitch-Fixing

As you get close to your ceremony day, you may want to have a rehearsal in your chosen venue or just to run through the details over Zoom. However you want to do it, we won’t go through the whole ceremony and will focus on entrances and exits, cues for readings and music, as well as running through your symbolic act. If you have small or furry participants – love working with kids and pets by the way – then it’s a chance to try out their parts and head off possible glitches. By the end, you will be confident that everyone knows what to do, when and where to do it so that your ceremony runs smoothly.

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On the Day

Whether you are celebrating a naming or a wedding, I’ll arrive well before the start of your ceremony to make sure that everything is in place as you have asked and touch base with all those involved. I’ll come armed with spares of everything – you’d be surprised what people forget when they’re full of excitement. Then as your guests arrive, I will be waiting with a big smile, ready for the cue that you’re ready to start. Everything will then be in my safe hands and you won’t need to think about anything other than focusing on your ceremony.


Either on the day or shortly afterwards, you will receive a presentation version of your ceremony for you to keep, along with other keepsakes and photos of your special day.

And that’s how your ceremony is Made For You.

Ready to turn your ideas into technicolour?

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